Monday, 3 November 2008

The Weekend

I'm back.  It was a whirlwind of a weekend but lovely. On Friday we did go and see Quantum of Solace. Even at the 22.00 showing it was so busy N and I couldn't get seats next to each other :o( rubbish, but as soon as the film started I completely forgot I was sat on my own as I was lost in the ever so blue eyes of Daniel Craig (is that bad?). Now I can't quite put my finger on why I like him so much, he has after all, got a bit of an odd face and at certain angles is almost a bit ugly but oh my goodness he is gorgeous! It's not a classic Bond film, far from it: Bond does not win the girl, there is no out and out plot to plunge the world headlong into destruction and it is of course the first sequel. It definitely has some plot flaws, but the cinematography was gorgeous, especially during the opera scene, which I thought was expertly crafted.  I have to say I really enjoyed it.  But then I'm a big 007 fan. What I did think was awful though is the theme tune! Have you heard it? I am all for going for something a little different but blimey this has to be the most forgettable non-Bond theme tune ever made!

On Saturday morning N dropped me at Westfield to meet S on his way to Hertfordshire. It's only a 10 minute walk away but I am lazy and it was raining! I wore my new red tights and my sparkly red 'fireworks' (not literally it is just red and purple and sparkly gold) scarf in homage to pretend bonfire night, but spent a considerable amount of time worrying that my legs were a bit too red and standoutish. Westfield is absolutely enormous (and fantastic!), we walked around for about an hour before we even started shopping and even then our efforts were a bit pitiful: I bought gloves and a long black cardigan and S bought a rather funky skirt and a bracelet.  We were just so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of purchasing possibilities that we didn't know where to begin,  I found some really lovely things but couldn't bring myself to buy anything for fear that there might be something even better in the next shop!  We did manage to have a few free glasses of bubbly though as shops were giving it away, oh and we did take in a fashion show:

It was a lot of fun! As we left the rain started to pour and it was pretty cold. S headed back to Hammersmith and I limped my way back to the flat, my shoes pinching like mad (I packed in such a hurry I forgot to take comfy flat shoes, silly girl). Back in the flat I kicked off my shoes and put the kettle on. N got back about 10 minutes after me with his funky new glasses (v nice indeed). We looked out of the window together ... it was still raining :o( We didn't say anything but both of us were thinking the same thing ... could we bear to leave the lovely warm flat to head all the way to Battersea (about 45 min bus journey) to watch the fireworks in the rain. We both thought about how lovely it would be to spend a night in but then decided that the other would think it lame to suggest not going ... and then the phone rang. Our friends had all decided it was far to wet and cold and had collectively decided it was a no go ... did we mind? Not at all ...! We stayed in and had this chocolate dipping adventure from Hotel Chocolat (a gift from a lovely friend):


redframe said...

Ha, that's so funny I was just thinking there's no way BB and I would drag ourselves out in the rain and then you did the same! Still a lovely weekend!
I am such a 007 fan, and a Dan-fan (I worked as an extra on a film just to get a peek of him in the flesh, charisma bounces off him like lightning man!) but Quantum only opens here on our wedding weekend!!! Then we're off on honeymoon so I won't see it till December, boo.

The Cwtch said...

Oooh what was working as an extra like? How exciting! Which film? And sneaking a peek of Daniel Craig ... I'm jealous! Somehow I don't think you will be worrying about missing the opening weeks of the film though...! :o)