Monday, 10 November 2008

Books and Values

I have been tagged by London Bride.  Well to be more accurate, my other blog Posies and Pearls was tagged but Posies and Pearls is misbehaving and not letting me post anything this evening so I thought I would post here instead....!

First off is "The Bookworm".  the rules are that you have to open the nearest book to page 56.  Write out the fifth sentence as well as the following few sentences.  It has to be the closest book,  not your favourite, or the most intellectual!

The nearest book to me right now as I am lying on my bed with my ibook is Love In The Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  I first read this book many moons ago while I was at university studying Literature.  It's a lovely gorgeous book - if you haven't read it, read it, please please please!  The prose is amazing and beautiful and romantic.  I've been re-reading after I went to see a new opera called 'Love and Other Demons' at the end of the summer which is adapted from one of Garcia Marquez's short stories.  Oh my goodness the opera was strange - completely a-tonal with no melody at all but it was dramatic and dark and strangely fascinating.   (I was also very excited as Kevin Spacey was sat behind us).  Anyway I digress!  Here is page 56 sentence 5 onwards:

'But her father's strict regime soon provided an irremediable difficulty.  Unlike the other students, who walked to school in groups or accompanied by an older servant, Fermina Daza always walked with her spinster aunt, and her behavior indicated that she was permitted no distraction.  It was in this innocent way that Florentino Ariza began his secret life as a solitary hunter.  From seven o'clock in the morning, he sat on the most hidden bench in the little park, pretending to read a book of verse in the shade of the almond trees, until he saw the impossible maiden walk by in her blue-striped uniform, stockings that reached to her knees, masculine laced oxfords and a single thick braid with a bow at the end, which hung down her back to her waist.' 

Second Tag:

Six Things I Value
  1. My lovely Man who is my best friend and my lovely family who are truly wonderful: crazy, loopy, odd and wonderful!
  2. Creativity: in whatever field - art, dance, music, drama, literature, fashion, life.  Innovate - do things differently and express yourself. 
  3. Kindness.  A simple act of kindness can change someone's day for the better
  4. Laughter.  Everyone needs to laugh every day
  5. Freedom:  I am very aware that I have a completely different life to those of previous generations of my family.  So many opportunities are open to me which never were to them.  I intend to make the most of every opportunity!
  6. Time: time to spend with people, time to spend with myself, reading, drawing, cwtching up and relaxing

Six Things I Don't
  1. Rudeness
  2. Spitefulness
  3. Self-centerdness:  I go by the brownie-guide law 'think of others before yourself'!
  4. Being cold ... brrr - don't like it!
  5. Bad service:  I was once in a hotel and it took them one hour to bring me two slices of toast! I was not a happy lady!
  6. House prices at the moment ... please fall, N and I want to buy a house!

I am supposed to tag six people, so I tag:  Rachel,  CeeCee, Miss Meep, Mila, Nola and Brazen


redframe said...

Love in the time of cholera is one of my favourite books... Actually anything Latin American and turn of the century, Isabel Allende etc. So so evocative and passionate. The movie is a dud though, have you seen it?
Ooh, and I also loathe being cold!

The Cwtch said...

I didn't see the film, the reviews were not great so I stayed away! I love Latin American writers too! Have you read any of Jorge Luis Borges short stories (collected in a book called Labyrinths) they are amazing and really thought provoking. My favorite in the book is called 'The Circular Ruins'. I don't know Isabel Allende - I will have to check her out! Would you recommend a particular book?

redframe said...

I've only read House of the Spirits now that I researched her! But obviously loved it enough for her name to stick? Daughter of Fortune sounds good too. I don't know Borges, will track it down! Can't believe Javier Bardem is in such a bad movie. The production team should be sued!

Being Brazen said...

Great list of things you value and things you dont.

Hope house prices drop everywhere :)

Thanks for the tag. I will try get to it soon :)

With Love from New Orleans said...

Thanks for the tag!I absolutely love your dream car-- I could only imagine going for a nice fall Sunday joyride around the Garden District. Have a great day!

a london bride said...

Thanks Hannah. I've read quite a lot of Allende, she's a lovely writer, if you want one less fictional then try Paula, it's incredibly moving about her daughter and us all being daughters is wonderful to read. Plus she's written a quite fun book about the love of food and the food of love. Perhaps worth a flick through one day :) LB x

The Cwtch said...

Thank you all for your comments!

LB and redframe thank you for the Isabel Allende tips - I am a bit of a voracious reader and I love discovering new writers so I will definitely try and get hold of some of her books! x