Monday, 17 November 2008

My Weekend

My weekend was a busy one. N had a weekend of sporting events - watching England play rugby on Saturday with some brokers from work and on Sunday playing golf with friends, so for the first time in a while we had separate weekends. On Saturday morning I had a LONG lie in - ah bliss! I then picked up my Nana from the Cynon Valley where she lives and drove her to my parents house for the weekend. The valley roads are long and very narrow as they weren't built for cars, and due to bad weather and road works it probably took the best part of 2 hours there and back but it did give us chance to catch up and for me to hear all of her news. The rest of the day was spent eating, shopping and then eating some more with the three generations of our clan - Nana, Mum and my sister - it was a lot of fun! Sunday was a working day for me but I achieved a lot which is great - including making my first gingerbread house for this festive season ... a sure fire sign that Christmas is on its way!

Very excitingly N has booked our gettogetherversary (and christmas present to each other) weekend away in January! Yay I am so excited, we are going to a place called Bibury in the Cotswolds, the hotel looks lovely and he has booked some kind of deal with champagne (I love champagne) and our own outside hot-tub! Very swanky! N's grandmother lives in the Cotswolds in a beautful town called Broadway so we have visited the area a few times and it is so beautiful! I am hoping for snow, I think the hotel would look so lovely with a fine dusting of the white stuff!

Did I mention that I was excited?


With Love from New Orleans said...

It looks gorgeous! How fun!!

Being Brazen said...

Sounds like a nice weekend.

Really stunning hotel that N booked you guys into. I love the Cotswolds - very pretty and peaceful

Tea said...

Wow, that hotel looks lovely, lucky you! What a nice thing to look forward to after Christmas. And the Cotswolds are so lovely.

By the way - I've just started a new more wedding-based blog, if you're interested.

The Cwtch said...

I'm so excited! It's a really good time to go away as it seems no one else wants to (it's always cold and dark in the UK in January) so you can always get really good deals! I also very much like being in a country pub with crackling fires in the winter!

Tea I love your new blog - fabulous name! I'm looking forward to following it!