Wednesday, 4 February 2009

An exciting parcel

Sitting in my little office in my local town on Monday I was a little surprised when my intercom buzzer went unexpectedly. I didn't have any consultations booked and was indulging in a little design time. Who could it be? As the intercom speaker is broken downstairs I had to wait for my visitor to find me. I could hear the slow footsteps on the stairs and then there he was - the postman, garbed as usual in a white shirt, jumper and a pair of shorts - it's January and snow is falling ... shorts?!!! He explained he couldn't deliver to my house that morning as the lane was trapped by a tractor (hazard of living in the country) so he thought he'd pop along to my office instead (bonus of living in the country - postmen know where to find you if you aren't at home!). Look what he brought all the way from Paris........!

My favourite tea jam (x2), a beautiful caddy of amazingly fragrant tea called Thé de lune (what a name!) a caddy spoon shaped like a lotus leaf and a recipe book for cooking with tea. I cannot wait to try the tea infused Crème Brûlée!!! mmmmmmmmmmmm! I'm so excited!


Being Brazen said...

oooh, thats such a nice parcel. Enjoy

Pink Peony said...

Yum! Let us know if it's as good as it looks :)