Monday, 8 September 2008

Tea with jam (and bread)

My favourite confiture is very special indeed. I was introduced to it by an American friend when we took a girls weekend to Paris a couple of years ago. We were all about to finish our training as Chefs de Patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu in London and we thought it only right that we should go to Paris to do some serious sampling. Which of course we did … with great gusto. We tried many beautiful patisseries from the very special Ladurée to an ordinary (but amazing) local patisserie in Montmatre. And then our friend took us to Mariage Frères. Mariage Frères on the rue du Bourg Tibourg, is a wonder. It is one of the finest well- known tea companies in France, founded in 1854. Downstairs the walls are lined with tea caddies (they have literally hundreds of varieties of teas) and tea accessories.
Upstairs are the tea rooms, with starched white table linen. There we each selected a different type of tea and all opted for brioche (of course) with the company's very own gelee. But the gelée! Oh my goodness! The gelée is made from their most fragrant teas, it is fine, almost liquidy in texture and absolutely bursts with flavour! We greedily sampled marco polo and pharaeon both of which were absolutely divine. Of course we all plunged straight down stairs after sipping our beautiful tea and bought jars of it. Back at home I gave some as gifts and kept two delicous jars for myself. But it wasn’t long before it had all gone, however hard I tried to stretch it out. I keep telling myself that I will go back to Paris to buy some more but sadly I have not got round to it yet. It is with great excitement then that I have recently discovered that they have an online shop – hooray! You can visit it at So I am going to place an order and that should keep me going until I can arrange that trip…


anna said...


You visited my blog Baking For Britain, and kindly offered me a Welsh recipe or two! I would like to take you up on a recipe for Welsh cakes, to see if I can make some as delicious as the ones made by a friend's Grandma... Drop me a line at Thanks!

P.S. Your Cwtch in the garden looks like a lovely cheery refuge from this summer rain.

Rachel said...

Please post the welsh cake recipe here so I can make them too!

We had some in Pembrokeshire at the weekend and they were divine. x

LCB Isis said...

I feel so famous being the "American Girl" in your blog! I absolutely love your blog, congrats!

I do hope you write several posts on our LCB days, including some fab pics and recipes!

Miss you and cheers!!

The Cwtch said...

Rachel I have emailed Anna a traditional recipe for welsh cakes which I think she is going to use on her Baking For Britain blog. I will post it here too along with some non-traditional versions - I have a lovely recipe for cranberry and white chocolate welsh cakes mmm!

The Cwtch said...

Isis!!!! Thank you! I will do some LCB posts for definite but maybe leave out my chocolate windmill and chef christophe's marbled celebration cake extravaganza!!!! xxxxx PS. I love how we've got you saying 'fab'