Saturday, 27 September 2008

Sailing the Turquoise Coast 2

Loryma was our next stop.  Loryma is a spectacular hidden harbour where over 200 boats assembled before heading off to Troy.  Guarding this magnificent harbour, Loryma has a ruined fort perched high on the headland.   All that remains are the fort walls which literally skim the cliff.  We clambered along these walls, precariously picking our way around the total circumference of the fort.  The drop is sheer down to the sea and at points you literally have to  dig your feet into grooves in the rock and climb.  The view is magnificent and although it is clearly dangerous, it is refreshingly non-european in the sense that there are no warning signs and no restrictions - people are free to clamber and climb at their own risk.
We had some amazing sails during the week, visiting beautiful deserted bays and witnessing fragments of Turkey's ancient past, it was truly a memorable holiday.  What stands out is how wonderful the crew were.   Every day Mehmet laid on a beautiful breakfast spread, two course lunch, afternoon tea with freshly baked cake or biscuits, pre dinner drinks and nibbles polished off with a three course dinner and all of this in a small galley kitchen ... my hat goes off to him.  Turkey still has national service and Mehmet explained that he learnt all of his skills as an army cook.  Lucky Turkish army if that's the quality of the food they get to eat! I needn't have worried about the brioche!! Two days on board and I'd undone a fair few months of being good! To give you an idea, this was the feast that was breakfast....

N and I are going flotilla sailing in September 2009 and I have already been designated Cook ... I have a lot to live up to!!!! 

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