Monday, 8 September 2008

Mmmm ... Brioche

Mmmm … brioche, buttery eggy deliciousness. I LOVE it! You can eat it all sorts of ways – plain, converted into a delicious pudding, fried with egg mixture to make the lovliest French toast but I like mine straight out of the toaster with a thin sliver of butter (not that there’s not plenty of butter in it already - I am just really greedy) and some jam. More about jam later. So on Friday evening when I was doing my shopping after work I went to the bakery section and asked them for some fresh yeast (they will always give you some for free, which is lovely) and spent the evening making brioche-a-tete and pate levee feuillete for croissants and pain au chocolat. I have now had a lovely couple of days eating toasted brioche for breakfast. Did I mention that I LOVE it? It leaves you with such a lovely warm feeling inside for hours and hours and although it is really bad for you, I think it must be really good for you too as it makes you feel so lovely. That said I should NOT be eating brioche as I’m trying to be good before going on holiday on Saturday … I just can’t help myself!

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