Thursday, 5 February 2009

Tea, Haircuts and Speculoo biscuits

I need to change my profile picture as I have been to the hairdressers today.  I went in thinking I'd have the same old highlights and a trim, looking forward to the tea, chat, magazines and speculoo biscuits (oh how I love those little individually wrapped caramel biscuits) 

and have come out with ... short hair - eek! I really like it!  The last time I had shortish hair was 7 years ago - did it take 7 years for it to grow back long again I am wondering?  That's a long time - it makes me 35 before I can have long locks again ...

1 comment:

Pink Peony said...

Can't wait to see your hair. I'm sure it's very cute. I envy short haired girls. I think they always look sassy & fashionable.I tried shorter and my hair just gets big and frizzy :S