Friday, 6 February 2009

This Weekend....

This weekend is jam packed with:
  • Travelling up to London early today to go to N's cousin's 21st dinner (please work trains)
  • A Saturday lunch in a pub with an odd name with a big gaggle of girls from university days. I can't wait! We all studied English Lit together - one is now works for the Foreign Office (clearly some kind of spy), one is a journalist for the Telegraph, another is a University Lecturer compiling a book for publication on smell in literature, one is a drama teacher - and the others have equally exciting jobs and then there is me - cake maker ... hmmm!
  • Early Saturday evening drinks with N's work colleague who has just returned from getting married in New Zealand.  I haven't met any of his current fellow workers yet so I will have to be on my best behaviour (blimey!).  Afterwards we are meeting some friends, as one of them has a lovely new fella she would like us to meet - I think we are going dancing which will be fun as I can't remember the last time I went dancing! (Clear sign of impending old age)
  • Sunday N's parents are coming to the flat for lunch (NB I need to think of something for pudding) and then I am tootling off back to Wales. and back to my normally quiet existence!


redframe said...

Sounds like a great weekend, little bit of everything... girls, reunions, work colleagues, dancing, friends, family. Enjoy!

Miss Meep said...

That sounds like a fab weekend - I'm intruigued by the book on smell in literature! And by your new haircut - look forward to seeing a pic.

Here's a link about the FREE MONEY!

The Cwtch said...

It was really great, but maybe a little too jam packed - I felt like I was bouncing pillar to post! It was so nice to catch up with my ladies. There was a serious amount of talking and gossiping going on!

Dr G is a very talented lady, she is just submitting the book to publishers now. I will post about it soon definitely. Thank you for the link Miss Meep, my other friend, Dr D will be super excited! (Blimey how many of my friends have phd's?!)