Monday, 9 February 2009

Ooh La La!

Lovely valentines things:

These cufflinks by Lucy Quartermaine are fab! You could give them to your fella and then borrow them every now and then yourself! I know that's not entirely the idea of giving but they are scrumptious!

Can't think of the right way to pop the question? These votives from Sage Inspired By Life could start the ball rolling!

Or the loveliest valentines thing of all - just give a plain old cwtch...

*Roman Holiday*


Pink Peony said...

Love the candles & you can never go wrong with an Audrey Hepburn movie :)

The Cwtch said...

absolutely, and I love Gregory Peck, what a leading man!

Jamiedidit said...

I just posted a blog about the bf and I and our disinclinaton towards marriage, but those candles could almost change my mind!