Wednesday, 18 February 2009

My Favourite...

*Tea Photo by me*

  • Drink: tea / champagne - mmmmm I love both equally but due to financial constraint tea normally wins through!
  • Biscuit: specaloo - this is a throw back to my childhood - speculoo's are the main biscuit eaten in Belgium, at Christmas they make giant ones in the shape of Sint Nicolaas. I like the little thin ones you get with coffee.
  • Chocolate: chocolate mint truffles from M&S, yum yum yum - especially when eaten straight from the fridge (I know I know you aren't supposed to but then you aren't supposed to do a lot of things...) Move aside Charbonnel & Walker at £1.43 per little truffle (I have to say, beautiful packaging but awful chocolate).
  • Place: Ogmore Beach / St Donats Castle
  • Time: dusk
  • Entertainment: the theatre, there is absolutely nothing like watching a brilliant play, show or ballet (especially the Northern Ballet whom I love love love)
  • Holiday: exploring, I'm much more of an explorer than a relaxer. I don't mean up the Amazon or anything but I like to be able to wander and discover.


Shelby said...

Lovely photo! And I too love tea. Rooibos is my fave :)

With Love from New Orleans said...


Narayanan Hariharan said...

Looks like your blog is a window to Wales...and the pictures of wales are so beautiful.... :)

Seaside Prep said...

lovely list!
I love tea and champagne, anything from M&S, dusk is a wonderful time of day, theatre always a favorite and i hear you on exploring. (although after a long day of adventuring I like to relax on the beach/ by the pool!) :)