Friday, 26 December 2008

Wonderful Things This Christmas

  • N arriving on the 23rd to spend Christmas with me and my crazy Welsh family
  • Christmas Eve at my aunt's house: my cousin has a little boy - aka the best boy who is six.  His father was working Christmas Eve so he arrived at the party a little late.  When he did arrive, he knocked at the lounge window in an enormous blow up Father Christmas suit! 
  • Watching my Nana,who is nearly 90, beat everyone on the yo-yo we had in one of the crackers.
  • Waking up on Christmas morning with N
  • Giving my Christmas gifts
  • Having twelve to lunch on Christmas day, some on folding chairs, all cwtched in together.
  • All of us sitting in my parents cinema room after lunch with bags of popcorn, watching sing-a-long Mama Mia.  
  • Chuckling at listening to my father compete with the best boy as to who could sing 'The Winner Takes It All' the loudest.  Believe it or not the six year old beat his god-father!
  • Going to the ballet on boxing day to see Snow White.  We took the best boy.  Watching his face as the seven dwarfs started to dance.
Christmas can be a mixed bag for people for a lot of reasons.  Whilst it is a time to celebrate our love for family and friends it can also be a time which reminds us of those we miss the most and can highlight family grievances and tensions.  I hope your Christmas was truly wonderful.  If for whatever reason this festive season was less than happy I wish you all the happiness and love for 2009.

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