Thursday, 11 December 2008

A bit twp

Okay so this time it's me that's been a bit twp.  About a month ago I was contacted by a national magazine (You & Your Wedding) and was asked if I would like iced to be featured in the next issue.  Yes please said I.  Okay said they.  I eagerly anticipated the January/February issue which of course comes out in December.  As soon as I knew it was out I purchased a copy.  But humph leafing through the pages it soon became evident that they hadn't featured me after all.  I was a little bit miffed / disappointed - my first feature in a national magazine is big news for me.  Anyway this morning I had a lovely letter from a lovely client who said she had seen me in this magazine!  Of course I came home and leafed through it and lo and behold on page 4 of the planning guide there is a fabulous picture of one of my cakes in a section entitled 'Hot For 2009'.  Me ... Hot For 2009!!! Hooray!  My other blog Posies and Pearls even gets a mention!  How twp though - first time round I must have completely passed it by! Thank you lovely client for having eyes where I had none!!

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