Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Random Mumblings

Many appologies for my lack of posting over the last couple of days. I spent the weekend in London with N, it was very lovely: we ate lots of lovely food, slept a lot, caught up with friends and attempted some Christmas shopping. We both had Monday off work which meant the weekend lasted three whole days! Fabulous!

On Friday, before I left for London, I downloaded the TED Lecture podcasts to watch on the train. These are really inspirational short lectures by people in all sorts of fields who are deemed to be the world's most fascinating thinkers and doers. These people are challenged to give a lecture in 18 minutes on their work/mission/inspiration/passion. I listened to amazing individuals talk about architecture, gardening, smallpox, the value of creativity in education and even blogging! They were really fascinating and made my two hour journey go by in a flash. Do check them out...

On Monday we spent a bit of time researching a trip to California. N's cousin, who lives in California, is getting married in April at a ranch outside of Los Angeles and we are seeing if we can arrange a holiday around it. Nothing is definite yet but we thought we would explore the different options. Our only criteria are that we have to be at the wedding on the 18th and we want to see my friend from Cordon Bleu days who lives in LA / Santa Barbara. We would like to travel up route one to San Francisco but are a little unsure about how long this might take? Can anyone offer any advice / point me in the direction of must-see places / lovely but inexpensive accomodation? Any pointers would be wonderful!

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