Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Done, To do, Guilty Pleasures & Facts

So far today I have:
  • Made a wedding cake
  • Eaten two sneaky mint chocolate truffles mmmmmmm!
  • started designing a gingerbread Ty Hafan (a local children's hospice) for a fundraising Christmas Fair in November.
  • washed and dried my bedding ... yawn
  • Spoken to N on the phone for 59 minutes (60 minutes and you have to pay for the call-don't tell me romance is dead!)
To do:
  • Nothing today ... it's time for bed ... hooray!
Guilty Pleasures
  • reading in the bath this morning when I should have been rushing to work
  • eating an extremely un-nutritionally balanced breakfast of a welsh cake and a cup of tea (I was rushing after spending too long in the bath, but oh what a nice way to start the day!)
  • looking up swanky hotels, which we could never afford, on Mr & Mrs Smith for N and I's 7 year anniversary weekend away in January.
  • and I can't think of a fourth - that's bad ... I must do better on the guilty pleasures front - tomorrow I will make a concerted effort!
  • When I'm old I'd like to be like Miss Marple ... live in a thatched cottage, have afternoon tea in the garden, go on lots of holidays to exotic locations and solve dastardly crime
  • I like cold weather but I hate to be cold and so I love my hot water bottle
  • My favorite alcoholic drink is a Dark and Stormy.  It's a cocktail of black rum and fiery ginger beer.  N introduced me to it, it is one of the national drinks of Bermuda, which is where he was born and brought up (his family moved back to the UK when he was a teenager).  N first made me a dark and stormy when we were university students and I was visiting him at his family home in Hertfordshire during the winter break.  I was really cold so he ran me a hot bath and made me a dark and stormy with a scoop of ice-cream in it, to drink as I soaked ... what a fella and oh my goodness, what a drink!
  • I love cake.


redframe said...

Wow, a man who runs you a bath and then brings you exotic drinks? So glad you kept him! And almost 7 years? Congrats! We have our engage-versary coming up, thinking couples massage somewhere swanky?

The Cwtch said...

I know he's a keeper! A lot of the time we have been together has been long distance so our christmas gift to each other every year is a weekend away to celebrate our getting together all those many moons ago!

Many congratulations to you on your engage-versary! A couples massage will be lovely! N was working out in Singapore some years ago for a couple of months and I went out to stay with him. He booked a weekend in Indonesia at a hotel that was basic but was comprised of huts on a beach - lovely! As a surprise he booked us a couples massage - it was the loveliest, funniest thing ever!!

Nikon said...

Thanks so much for your visit. I love your blog & its design - great job!

Being Brazen said...

Great lists there. Im a list person myself.

I also love cold weather, but hate being cold. I want to try that cocktail - sounds yum :)

The Cwtch said...

Thank you so much Nikon and Brazen, definitely try the Dark and Stormy ... so simple yet so delicious (and what a name)! The scoop of ice-cream is a N addition but it doesn't go amiss!