Monday, 26 January 2009

A Poem

*Brassai - Kissing In The Cafe*

While we were in Bibury N read me a poem from one of the books in our cottage.  It is by John Betjeman and it is called In A Bath Teashop.  I love it.

In A Bath Teashop

"Let us not speak, for the love we bear one another -
Let us hold hands and look."
She such a very ordinary little woman;
He such a thumping crook;
But both for a moment, little lower than the angels
In the teashop's ingle-nook.


redframe said...

Aw, I love 'thumping crook'... and he reads poetry to you? how lovely.

The Cwtch said...

I love 'thumping crook' too! It's a lovely little poem.

:o) N doesn't make a habit of reading poetry - the book was on the coffee table and he was leafing through it while he was waiting for me to get ready (I must take a long time!)

Bob Espoir said...

You have a very nice blog - and how nice to find Bertjeman again, one of my favourite voices...