Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Slipping and a-Sliding

Last weekend, on my way back from London, I slipped on the water drenched platform of Paddington Station.  In fairness I was rushing - when they announce the platform number the trains are going to leave on, all hell normally lets loose as people make a mad dash to grab a seat.  There's no avoiding it really as the trains get so busy that if you don't join in you may have to stand for a long part of the journey which is no fun at all.  Anyway I went flying.  I managed to save my flask of tea but in doing so fell bang onto my knees.  My right knee is now all horrible swollen and bruised (no gym for me this week).  As I fell (slightly in slow motion) I didn't quite realise what I had done and it took me a split second to catch on, by this time a lovely (and v trendy looking) man had stopped his mad dash for a seat to help me up.  It must have been a bit of an impressive slide and fall as I'd left one of my shoes behind me a little way back on the platform.  This man helped me up and asked if I was alright, that's it, just that little simple thing but I felt such an overwhelming surge of gratitude to him for that little simple thing.  Thank you nameless stranger for your little act of kindness which took the edge of trauma off my fall.  I hope you found a seat on the train...

So here I am with a gammy leg, meanwhile back in London, N has caught some horrible temperatury-sore-throaty-cold type thing and is feeling awful.  What a couple!  


CeeCee said...


I hope both you and the kind, handsome stranger managed to get a seat on the train.

redframe said...

Argh, sounds like something that would happen to me. If it was a Hollywood movie, you would've been single and the stranger would've been your soul mate... Alas, now all you have is a blue knee and a sick sweetie all the way over in London. Boo.