Wednesday, 25 March 2009


We've had beautiful glorious spring sunshine over the last couple of weeks here in Wales. Daffodils line the roadsides and bring a cheery warm smile to my face, every time I head out of the village. I love a daffodil, bright, happy and altogether sunshiney in the otherwise flowerless early spring countryside. They mark the end of the gloom in bright riotous yellow. Love them. They are also really cheap to buy which is always good so I have a little bunch on my designing desk which I refill every couple of days. Nice.

They do come in all sorts of hues and shapes though - check out these little beauties:

*Pink Trumpet Daffodil * Frilly Daffodil* White Daffodil*


Seaside Prep said...

i have never seen pink trumpet daff-- I wish we had more of them in the US! Lucky Wales! :)

Anonymous said...

these flowers are so pretty i wish i had some in Australia i suppose they arnt very common :(