Thursday, 5 March 2009

My little blogging holiday...

I have had a little blogging holiday. Lots has happened:
  • St Davids Day on March 1st (St David or Dewi Sant in welsh, is the patron saint of Wales -more on this later). I was working in the morning but made up for it in the afternoon by spending an incredibly sunny afternoon at the beach with my sister, mum and nana. We ate synthetic 99's - got to love that swirly Mr Whippy ice cream that gives you a headache almost the minute it passes your lips and the little stumpy chocolate flake standing proud like a chimney. Mind you they've gone up in price they are now £1.80 each - what ever happened to 99p? My nana, who is one year off being 90 loves and I mean loves ice-cream and will eat it at any opportunity. If you suggest having some she gets a glint in her eye and makes this little excited 'ooooh' noise which is neither yes nor no but it's almost like she is imagining the pleasure of consuming the delectable frozen custard then and there. She is a true connoisseur and knows all of the makes - her favourites are welsh ice creams made by Italian immigrant families like Joe's . After our beach sojourn we returned home for a cup of tea and ... a welsh cake of course.
  • N has gone on a work trip to Canada for two and a half weeks - I know it's work and it was -23 when he arrived there, but he gets to do some fun things: flying by sea plane, skiing black-runs with ski-rangers, visiting oil refineries and the building sites of super dooper luxury apartment blocks ... who said the world of insurance was dull?!
  • I have been to the theatre twice. First to see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers which was a lot of fun and then last night I went to see Billy Liar which was very funny but also incredibly depressing.
  • work work work, I have had so many consultations in the past couple of weeks it's been chokka but it's been lovely to meet with lots of excited couples planning their weddings.
  • It was my sister's birthday yesterday ... happy birthday for yesterday K!

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CathM said...

Sounds like it’s been a busy but fulfilling time...