Sunday, 9 May 2010


  • Working (a bit)
  • Morning cups of tea in bed (luxury)
  • Driving around the countryside looking for nice places to live (more on this later)
  • Dinner: a pieminster Heidi Pie (yum yum yum) and vegetables washed down with a glass or two of vino in front of the tv watching people build a house in the wilds of the brecon beacons followed by a film ... (this was Saturday night - this is what turning 30 / almost turning 30 does to you!).
  • Mooching around
  • Sunday lunch at the local lovely pub
  • cwtching up and trying to keep warm,  it was so cold in London this weekend, brrr...
  • A long journey home ... I left the big smoke at 4.30 I arrived home at 9.00.  I have made good inroads into my new book though. nice. 

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