Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Wonderful Marvelous Skype!

Last night was a little chilsome so wrapped in my new scarf (a lovely belated birthday gift from oldest friend S) and warming mug of tea in hand I was flicking through some papers waiting for N to call from Singapore. At about midnight my laptop started to trill and then instantaneously up popped N in full real time video glory. Shirted and suited and ready for work (it was about 7 in the morning there) he looked lovely. We couldn't unfortunately hear each other due to some inexplicable microphonal problem but we could see each other as we instant messaged! How amazing that he should be here:

and I should be in a little village near here, nearly 7,000 miles away:

and yet we can see and talk to each other (almost!) as if we were together. It surely must be some kind of tricksy magic...

(Yesterday I had an email from his company confirming that they have booked my flights to Singapore - so excited! )


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Cassandra Allen said...

Bonne Année! Thankyou for following my blog. Best wishes for 2010. Keep on blogging!