Monday, 21 September 2009

Oh my goodness!

On Friday afternoon I finished work early, gathered together some afternoon tea paraphanalia, cupcakes, mini cupcakes and cookies, jumped in my car and headed accross the bridge and accross the border to England. I was heading to Dr D's house to meet her lovely new little boy and catch up with her, Mr D and Dr G (who was heading up from London for the same purpose).

It was the worst possible journey with horrible horrible roadworks. A journey which would normally take just over 45 minutes took 2 hours and with my eye on the clock the time frame for afternoon tea was slowly passing. Slightly frazzled and a little on the stressed side I pulled into my friends village and pulled up outside her lovely mint green cottage. Dr G opened the door looking absolutely amazing and blooming (she's expecting a little girl in November) and with slightly hushed voices we gabbled our way to the lounge where Dr D was sitting on the sofa with baby F and oh my goodness! What a beautiful little boy! He's three weeks old and as gorgeous as can be! An absolute little beauty! I can honestly say I have never seen a lovelier baby! Serious matchmaking plans are already underway for baby F and Dr G's soon to be arriving little girl! A really lovely evening of baby chatter and cake nibbling ensued. On the drive home I realised that next week it will be 10 years since we three met as we unpacked our unopened text books, pulled new bedding out of its packaging and set up our first home away from home at university. We were the first people we met as our 19 year old selves ventured forth onto the corridor of our hall of residence to make friends and look at us now all grown up!

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Being Brazen said...

Growing up can really be kind of nice :)