Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Blogging Black Hole

I have been shamefully reticent in my blogging duties these last months and I appologise wholeheartedly. I've been so busy during the crazy wedding season I have neglected not only this blog but also (and shamefully) friends, N, and the great world of fun. Hooray then that we have reached (almost) mid September as things quieten down a little now until November / December when the winter wedding season starts in earnest!

Exciting things which have happened since I was last posting:
  • my business has been crazily busy which is fantastic and it has recieved some wonderful national press coverage.
  • N is being sent to Singpore for two months with work
  • His company are paying for me to fly out and visit him (yay!)
  • My good friends Dr D and Mr D have had a beautiful, gorgeous, scrumptious little boy!
  • N and I have started looking at areas to buy an abode in (v. daunting)
  • This blog has reached it's first birthday!
  • I have become obsessed with Lost (I know I'm a little behind the times!)


Rachel said...

so pleased that the business has taken off!

& congrats on the house buying! xxx

The Cwtch said...

Thank you! Hope all is lovely...