Friday, 3 April 2009

Weekend with my ladies

I am so looking forward to this weekend.  I am trolling my way to the big smoke tonight - N is going to pick me up from the station then tomorrow morning after a spot of breakfast I am going to make my way across London to spend the day/night with two of my favourite ladies: Dr G and Dr D.  These two ladies were my close friends from the first day at university when we met on the corridor of our hall of residence.  We lived together in a flat, along with three men friends - Mike, Mike and Michael (confusing eh?) in our second year and in our third and final year we stayed together in the flat, although we replaced one of the Mikes (as he had graduated) with my N ... but that's another story.  

Although we have gone on to do very different things in very different parts of the country the three of us try to get together as often as possible and once a year ditch our menfolk (who incidentally are close too) for a girls only get together.  This weekend is going to be even more exciting as Dr D is expecting a baby in August (the first of my friends to be expecting)!  So no glass of wine but instead cake, baby scan pictures and general baby excitement.  Yay!  I feel a spot of knitting coming on.  How delish are these:

*Elijah the Elephant: Ysolda*Fruit rattles: Bla Bla*

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Julia said...

how exciting! there's nothing like getting together with old friends - you can skip the small talk and get right to the important stuff huh?! those knitted toys are gorgeous - are you a knitter? I'm jealous, i've never gotten the hang of it